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I was born in the city of Buenos Aires in august of 63, became a TANGO Dancer, I have professional experience over three decades. The starting point was the late eighties and early nineties. The clubs and disco were the favourite places of the city at night.

Cannot speak of Tango but speaks of its creators, THE dancers of Buenos Aires, unique character well with his particularly Tango dance style, as the orchestras were heard, unique and particular.the dancer were watched closely you would copy, in the MAX Café was teaching the master of Milonga Lisa Pepito Avellaneda, in Cuartito Azul were coming all, and danced the great Naveira, by Regine.

I was born here, and I live in Barracas, I am the Turco Suaya.

“TANGO” – symbol of our identity and deep expression of our creative and cultural heritage. In these seminars we aim to reclaim, appreciate and capture the true essence of Tango before embarking on an adventure in which we will explore the human and technical interpretation of the wealth of Tango dance styles and characteristics, as well as the expressive poetry, so varied in tempo and form, that is the foundation of the Tango song, an inseparable element of the dance. We will examine the inspirational muse that motivates and urges us to challenge ourselves with every step or figure: “TANGO MUSIC” is so much more than just facts and figures, enabling us to immerse ourselves in the deepest sense through our interpretation, but also more simply through a close embrace and our feet as we walk.

The purpose of these seminaries is to appreciate and distinguish the different musical styles of the Orchestras, their evolution and development, so as to improve interpretation of each dance piece by using all the tools (figures or steps) of Salon Tango to make the most of musicality through improvisation.